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Student Service requires 24-hour notice whether you are enrolling – or – withdrawing your child. We understand your time is valuable and we are eager to help you, however, there are state and federal guidelines we must follow in order to keep acceptable records and this takes time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please read below for detailed information on how to make this process smoother. (Scroll down for information on Withdrawals)


Please come by the school and pick up a REGISTRATION PACKET. If school is already in session, and your packet is returned before 1:30 PM with proper paperwork, your child may start the next school day. If returned after 1:30 PM your child will start the 2nd school day. The following information is absolutely necessary to register your child:

Out of District -or- Private School

  1. Proof of address (mortgage, lease, utility bill)
  2. Proof of current grade level (current report card, withdrawal form)
  3. Special education form (provided in your registration packet) filled out and signed
  4. Copy of child’s social security card
  5. Copy of child’s birth certificate
  6. Child’s immunization records
  7. Proof of custody (court documents)

In District

Important Note: In order to enroll a child, that child must be already withdrawn from their previous school.

  • Proof of address (mortgage, lease, utility bill)
  • Proof of current grade level (current report card, withdrawal from)
  • Special education form (provided in your registration packet) filled out and signed
  • Proof of custody (court documents)


Proof of Address: You must provide proof that you reside in our school district. No one will be allowed to register without appropriate documentation. Acceptable proof of residence includes a sale or rental agreement, current month utility bill, OR current homeowner’s insurance policy. No other form of documentation is accepted. Please note that if you are renting from an individual rather than a company, the rental agreement must be notarized and contain the full name, address and phone number of the individual.

Immunization Record: Students who enroll without proof of immunization have 30 school days to present such proof. If an immunization record is not presented within 30 school days, the student is withdrawn from the school as per school board policy. The Tdap immunization is required for all incoming sixth graders.

Most recent report card: If you do not have such documentation, please contact your previous school and ask them to fax it to us (fax # (910 630-2357). Please be sure we know how to contact you so we may notify you when the fax has been received.

Current Custody or Legal Guardianship: by Cumberland County School Board Policy, a student must reside with the custodial parent or legal guardian to enroll in our system. If the parents are separated or divorced, we must have a copy of the custody agreement. Legal guardianship is court-appointed and we must have a copy of the paperwork. Our school system does NOT recognize any form of Power of Attorney for guardianship purposes.

Student’s Social Security Card: A photocopy of the card is acceptable.

Birth Certificate: A photocopy of the birth certificate is acceptable.



In order to withdraw a student from school, student services need to be given a 24-hour notice. Classes cannot be interrupted to withdraw a student; therefore please contact the school 24 hours prior to students last day off attendance. Students will be given their withdraw slip to carry with them to each class throughout the day on their last day. A parent or guardian must be present in order to sign the withdraw slip to complete the withdraw process. A copy of all withdrawal papers will be given to the student to take with them to enroll in their new school with all information for the new school to request records.

  1. Please bring all your child’s textbooks, library books, and other school property with you to turn in at this time. Be prepared to pay/resolve any pending fines or missing materials.
  2. Please be prepared to show identification to prove you are the legal parent or guardian of the child you are planning to withdraw.
  3. If possible, have the name and address of the school to which your child will transfer.

Should you have questions concerning student registration or withdrawal, please contact the Student Services Department at 910.488.2711.

Published by Wendy Bozeman on October 12, 2017
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