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Dress Code

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  • Collared shirts and blouses must be totally solid in color (Navy Blue, Forest Green, Light Blue, Black or White).
  • Sweaters or sweatshirts must be a solid color (Navy Blue, Forest Green, Black or White)

Common Violations:

  • Shirts or blouses must have buttons to the neckline; top button may be undone.
  • Turtlenecks and sweaters or sweatshirts that  are striped, patterned, or multicolored are not permitted.
  • Any logos or monograms other than PFMS Logo, PFMS teams, PFMS clubs, PFMS Athletic teams or the student’s initials on shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts are not permitted.  Only machine embroidered logos or monograms are allowed.
  • No Hoodies


  • All bottoms must be Navy Blue or Khaki.
  • Skirts, shorts, jumpers, and skorts must be knee length or no more than two inches above the knee.

Common Violations:

  • No leggings, jeggings, joggers or stretch/spandex material. No “sagging” of pants.
  • No “sagging” of pants.
  • Boot cut or flare pants must allow the toe of the shoes to be clearly visible.No overalls are permitted.
  • No overalls are permitted.


  • Shoes must be solid in color -Navy Blue, White, Black, Tan or Dark Brown.  Soles and trimming may be a different color than the body of the shoe, but must be one of the colors listed above.
  • Laces must match shoe color (They may display a logo).


  • Socks or Nylons must be worn. Socks must be plain Navy Blue, White, Forest Green or Khaki-tan.  Nylons (hose) must be plain Navy Blue, White, or Flesh Tone.

Common Violations:

  • No open-toed or open-heeled shoes.
  • Heels should be no higher than 2 inches from where the leather meets the sole at the heel of the shoe to the floor.
  • No bright or neon colored trim or soles are permitted.
  • No designs on socks are permitted.


  • Belts must be worn at all times if you have belt loops.  Belts must be solid Black, Brown, White, Navy Blue or Khaki.

Common Violations:

  • No imprinted designs or embellishments are allowed.
  • All of the belt must be tucked into the belt loops.
  • Plain belt buckles are to be no longer than 2”x 2”.
  • Blouses or shirttails will be tucked in at all time with belt or waistband visible.


  • Blazers or lightweight jackets may be worn.  They must be a solid Navy Blue, Dark Forest Green, Khaki, or Black.

Common Violations:

  • Jackets worn throughout the day must not have hoods
  • Heavier coats may be worn to school, but must be placed in the locker upon arrival and must remain there until the last scheduled trip to the locker.
  • No Hoodies

Additional Common Violations:

  • Extreme hair colors or hair styles should not be worn. Examples: Hot Pink highlights, unnatural hair color, scalp designs, Mohawks, etc.
  • Sunglasses should not be worn in the building.
  • Headgear, visors, sweatbands, doo-rags, bandanas or scarves, etc. Hair accessories must be solid in color- Forest Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black or White.
  • Distracting jewelry should not be worn. Examples: body or facial piercing, etc.
  • Earrings larger than a quarter size.  Earrings must be uniform colors.
  • Smartwatches (example: Apple watch)/Wristbands/multiple bracelets

We cannot allow any student to dress in a manner which disrupts or distracts others from learning, is offensive to others, or violates health or safety requirements. 

Administration will make the final decision on all dress code related infractions.

Physical Education Uniform

Bottoms: Blue, Black or Green Shorts
Tops: White T-Shirt

Dress Down Days Guidelines (For students may purchase a dress down pass.)

Bottoms: No sagging, low rise, rips or holes, joggers, leggings, or jeggings
Tops: No low cut, sleeveless, midriffs, vulgarity, alcohol, tobacco depicted
Shoes: No sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops

Spirit Friday

Uniform Bottoms: All bottoms must be Navy Blue or Khaki
Tops: A purchased or approved PFMS’ team, club, or athletic shirt
Uniform Shoes: Shoes must be solid in color -Navy Blue, White, Black, Tan or Dark Brown.


Published by Wendy Bozeman on August 21, 2018
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