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Parents and Community

  • Bus Policy: Students will not be permitted to ride home with other students due to limited seating. Please review the bus rules, dress code, and other important school rules in the front of the student planner with your child. It is especially important to understand that bus transportation is a privilege, not a right. The safety of the children is our top priority, and distractions to our drivers cannot be tolerated.
  • Car-riders: Car-riders who wish to eat breakfast in the cafeteria must be in the cafeteria line no later than 7:20 am in order to be served and on time for class. Please help us start the day right by protecting instructional time and making sure students are well-fueled and ready to learn.
  • Check-In/Out

    Image of the entrace to Pine Forest Middle School (PFMS)

    Welcome to Pine Forest Middle School

  • Conferences / Team Planning 
  • Facebook:   Please beware: there are several unauthorized pages available. The authorized Facebook link is: Also, if you would like to connect to the page faster, you can use the username links which are: @406PFMS or
  • Deliveries (including lunch deliveries) – June 2019 Board decision
  • Dress Code
  • Dress Code Violations
  • Free Money
  • Home Base Portal Support
  • Lunch-prepay
  • Medication
  • Parents Right to Know Statements
  • Report Cards and progress reports (see Calendar) will be hand-carried home by your child on the following dates (tentative): Sep. 28, Nov. 10, Dec. 9, Feb. 3, Mar. 1, Apr. 7, May 10 and June 14.  The final report card will be mailed home by June 19th provided your student does not have any unresolved fees or fines.
  • Registration and Withdrawal Information
  • SIT meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 2:40 in the media center. Call the school at 910-488-2711 to confirm.
  • Spirit Wear is available through the PTO Sponsored website link below. All items for purchase are approved and may be worn on Fridays.
    We also have an authorized mesh gym bag available! Choose from an assortment of styles and sizes for the whole family.
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Supply list (Generic)
  • Tardy Policy: Students who are tardy or late within a (9) nine weeks grading period will receive the following: First Tardy- Teacher Warning; Second Tardy- Teacher Discipline; Third Tardy- Referral to Safe Schools Coordinator; Fourth Tardy- Administrative Referral. Administration will make the final decision on all tardy-related infractions.
  • Volunteers: If you are interested in volunteering at our school, please submit the online volunteer form at Keep in mind, this should be filled out at the beginning of  every school year to assure the most current information is on file.
Published by Wendy Bozeman on May 4, 2020